What is metabolic weight?

Only part of the weight is important for nutrient requirements. It's the metabolic weight. In a food package for dogs or cats, the need for a nutrient can be informed per kg of metabolic weight.

Metabolic weight is calculated as weight0.75. Thus, for example small dogs have a proportionally higher metabolic weight than large dogs.

Metabolic weight is only indicative. The amount of energy or nutrient required varies depending, for example, on the activity of a pet. Especially the energy needs of dogs can vary greatly.

The above counter will give you a calculated metabolic weight. Below are some metabolic weights for certain weight values.

WeightMetabolic weight
3 kg2.28 kg
3.5 kg2.56 kg
4 kg2.83 kg
4.5 kg3.09 kg
5 kg3.34 kg
5.5 kg3.59 kg
6 kg3.83 kg
6.5 kg4.07 kg
7 kg4.3 kg
7.5 kg4.53 kg
8 kg4.76 kg
8.5 kg4.98 kg
9 kg5.2 kg
9.5 kg5.41 kg
10 kg5.63 kg
11 kg6.04 kg
12 kg6.45 kg
13 kg6.85 kg
14 kg7.24 kg
15 kg7.62 kg
20 kg9.46 kg

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Metabolic weight for dog

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